Environmental initiatives

Idea for environment

AI Tec Co.,Ltd is the ecologically oriented company; we develop the apparatus for the industry being aware of maintenance of the global environment.

Policy for environment

・We observe laws and regulations about environment and promote the prevention of the environmental pollution and work for reduction of the environmental load continuously.
・We serve for resource saving, the promotion of the energy-saving activity and discharge restraint of the waste.
・We carry out power saving, saving water strictly by the original production system management and try for reduction of the environmental load.
・We will propose ecological and most efficient LED , and it would contribute for reduction of the power consumption.
・We keep restrictions and use the materials of the environmental related material with a little environmental load with precedence.
・This environment policy documents it and we publicize it to all employees and will be available upon request from outside the company

Environmental Management System

Approach for the environment in terms of Products and Services

・Development of the environment-conscious product
・Purchase of an environmental conformity product and materials
・Promotion of recycling

Aitec System is the certified and registered company of ISO9001 and ISO14001.