CSR Activities


We have been making efforts by manufacturing LED products, reducing burden on the environment at the customer’s site by contributing for progression on the society and refinement of the social infrastructure.With profit earned through offering those products, our philosophy in CSR is to return it to all stakeholders associated with our business activitiesand minimize environmental load. 。

About the authorization of “Yokohama Model local contribution company”いて

It is the company working on social business with local contribution being conscious on an area and society where Yokohama city authorizedand pursuing for growth and development with local community.

AI Tec System has been employing Yokohama citizen positively and focusing on citizen’s company and local banks.In addition, we work on social business by considering social environment such as examination of various social environment of facilities setting place outdoors.

Now, we are about to apply for upper grade of authorization.

Focusing Area

We set up CSR as very crucial point in order to gain trust among customers, business partner, employees, and all of the stakeholders and also for the sustainable growth.

What AI Tec System works

With customers
  • Keep making efforts of technical development
  • Improvement of ISO promotion and internal office condition
  • Setting up appropriate price based on market studies
With employees
  • Education in working method requiring special technique
  • Encouragement of aggressive internal proposal and award
  • Return of company profit to employees
With local bank
  • Business transaction with the Bank of Yokohama
  • Consultation of overseas business deployment and factory transfer locally
With neighborhoods
  • Ask for local gardeners for garden planting
  • Modification of the work and examination of the facilities setting place the outdoors
With business partners
  • Placing stable orders
  • Crisp directions and explanation
  • Relook excessive price negotiation