Corporate Philosophy

Since our business started back in 1984, we have been earning customers’ trust throughout manufacturing by creating various values.
Corporate philosophy of AI Tec System is consisted of following three pillars.

1. Corporate Object Significance of existence of our company and its purpose that we pursue
2. Management philosophy  Basic attitude for realization for enterprise purpose
3. Business conduct guideline  Basic regulation that each employee must obey

Creation, innovation type company

Corporate Object: Creation, innovation type of company

●Value creation overachieved customers’ expectation
●Creation of high quality and high efficient products
●creation of technology with uniqueness

Management philosophy

●Customer satisfaction in product manufacturing
●Social contribution through business
●Work on research and development by company as one

Business Conduct Guideline

●Swift action to meet flexibility
●Challenging spirits aiming for high target without fair of fail
●Tenacity to carry everything out till the last