UV-LED plate irradiator Series

  • Natural heat release UV-LED surface irradiator LMWG-NUV Series

    Ideal for uniformly illuminating for wide area and increasing total light intensity!

    ●For the needs of slow and deliberate irradiation at low intensity
    ●Transparent glass mounted on luminous surface
    ●Tight and even arrangement of LEDs provides low intensity irregularities even at low WD
    ●Cooling method is natural heat dissipation, so it can be used in a clean room environment.
    ●Cost-effective model of UV-LED surface irradiator

  • UV Irradiation Unit LMH-FUV Series (High-power plate irradiator)

    UV-LED plate irradiator for high power

    ● Quick-drying, high-productivity, high-power versatile plate irradiator using UV irradiation
    ● Larger area UV LED irradiation
    ● Applicable to such technologies as fluorescent light emission, printing, coating, and adhesion
    ● UV LED for higher safety and reliability
    ● Long-life LEDs significantly reduce running costs in lamp replacement, maintenance, etc.