UV-LED lighting box Series

  • Compound wavelength UV-LED lighting boxes LLBGR-UV Series

    Main emission spectrum of high-pressure mercury lamp g-line (436nm) h-line (405nm) i-line (365nm) can be reproduced by LED light source

    ●Combined irradiation of 365nm, 405nm, and 435nm wavelengths is possible.
    ●Individually dimmable for 3 wavelengths
    ●Variable UV intensity for each wavelength
    ●Longer life than high pressure mercury lamps


    UV-LED Lighting Box LLBKC-UV Series(Old Model:LLBK-UV Series)

    Compact UV-LED light source box for optimum installation

    ● Lightweight and compact design for optimum installation
    ● Choice of 24 VDC (standard) and AC adapter (optional)
    ● Best suited for replacement of metal halide and fiber light source
    ● Spot specification (custom) with variable condensing lens also available
    ● Available for various applications