Constant voltage lighting power supply Series

  • 定電圧電源 LPAVKシリーズ&LPDVKシリーズ

    Constant voltage lighting power supply LPDVK Series(Digital setting) / LPAVK Series(Analog setting)

    Constant voltage control power supply

    LPDVK Series (Digital setting)
    ●Digital Constant voltage lighting power supply for LED lighting
    ●Control light dimming level by adjusting lighting driving current
    ●Setable with a light source set value at 1000 gradation
    ●Applicable for parallel communication, LAN communication as external control
    ●Error detection system detects LED disconnection, LED overheat (applied only 300W model), internal fan stop abnormality

    LPAVK Series (Anlog setting)
    ●Constant voltage power supply of analog setting model for LED lightings.
    ●Dimming control by varying lighting device drive current.
    ●Dimming control can be done by analog volume, internal dimming at 0-100%, external dimming can also be done at 0-5V of external control input voltage.