Infrared illumination Series

  • Infrared Illumination IR Series

    Provides wide variation of illumination with IR-LED

    ● Infrared light can detect objects undetectable by visible light
    ● Widely used for machine vision applications
    ● High-contrast imaging of defects barely recognizable by visible light.
    ● Useful for work where chemical reaction by visible light is a concern
    ● Non-destructive inspection by through-object imaging

  • NIR/SWIR Lighting Box LLBKC-NIR/SWIR Series

    Lighting box capable of irradiating near infrared/shortwave infrared wavelength region

    ●Light source box that can irradiate NIR (near infrared wavelengths 740nm to 1000nm) and SWIR (shortwave infrared wavelengths 1000nm to 1700nm) regions.
    ●Identification of foreign objects of the same color and transmission imaging of package printed materials, which are difficult to image with visible light, can be achieved using NIR/SWIR light.
    ●SWIR light is used for inspections that take advantage of the transmission of silicon and the wavelength absorption characteristics of water.
    *An indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs) sensor camera is required to take images.

  • Near-infrared line illumination LLH-NIR Series

    Near-infrared (850~1,650nm) line illumination

    ●Near-infrared (850~1,650nm) bar illumination
    ●Simple structured and cost-effective
    ●Achieves 1.4 times the irradiation intensity of conventional products
    ●The diffuser specification provides uniform diffused light, making it suitable for illuminating a wide area with little unevenness.