Flood Light Series

  • Flood Light LFS Series

    Enable to radiate directly for long work distance purpose

    ● High-power, flat-spot illumination with plane emission
    ● Proprietary optical mechanism for high directivity
    ● This series enables high-directivity irradiation even at long work distances.
    ● Available for a wide range of applications as floodlighting
    ● Best suited for replacement of metal halide lamps

  • Coupled collimator illumination LLCC Series

    Highly flexible diffuse light illumination

    ●Various configurations are possible, such as long straight lines, four-sided lines, and arches, by combining a parent unit and a child unit, which allows for greater flexibility in installation.
    ●Four lens types are selectable depending on the required directivity
     By selecting a lens with high directivity, the light can be uniformly irradiated over a greater distance.
    ●High brightness with natural heat dissipation