Handy lighting for visual inspection Series


    Battery operated Handy illumination CML-VLD50A-BK

    Auxiliary light source suitable for visual inspection and simple camera imaging

    ●Enables imaging of scratches and other defects using a smartphone or simple camera
    ●Highly directional pseudo-parallel light makes fine flaws easily visible
    ●Vivid light allows imaging with the object's true color
    ●Battery-powered compact body, easy to carry anywhere ideal for use at the manufacturing site
    ●Two-mode switching between a wide angle (approx. 20 degrees) and a narrow angle (approx. 40 degrees) and 3-step light intensity adjustment to accommodate a variety of workpieces.
    ●Strap attachment prevents loss
    ●Equipped with a tripod screw hole (UNC1/4 threaded hole) for use in a fixed position